Trainer, Facilitator, Keynote Speaker and Emcee

Caroline is a bilingual trainer, keynote speaker, facilitator, and emcee since 2005. Her charisma, expertise, generosity, and contagious joie de vivre capture the most diverse groups’ attention.

Since the pandemic, Caroline has had to adapt to the new reality that is imposed by seeking additional training and coaching such as “Virtual Master of Ceremonies” and other courses that allow her to maintain her excellence level but virtually this time. No boring Zoom with Caroline, that’s for sure!

Caroline Rochon trainer, facilitator, speaker and emcee talking in front of a group of people


  • Training / Workplace Learning (120 minutes to 5-day sessions)
  • Keynote Speaking (30 minutes to 120minutes)
  • Facilitation (meetings, group discussions, retreats, strategic planning)
  • Masters of Ceremony (in-person and virtual emcee)

In-person or in a virtual setting, Caroline offers all her sessions with the same level of excellence and dedication. Are you interested in having me be part of your next event? Let’s connect and discuss what you are looking for and how I can make a difference and contribute to your special occasion. I invite you to fill out the information in the section Let’s work together.

Caroline presents successfully to a wide range of audiences. Clients come from various sectors such as Government, Financial & Sales, Education System, Community & Non-profit, Construction & Renovations, Health & Wellness, High Tech, Food & Hotel Industry, Cities & Municipalities and Associations.

Empowering and taking care of your staff is the best way to look after your customers and keep them coming back for more.

Richard Branson, Business magnate

We all learned how to do our jobs by learning how to spell, count, engineer, teach, nurse, manage projects, operate, protect, and build. But most of us have never been taught how to communicate effectively, how to show empathy properly, how to feel empowered, how to personally take responsibility for our lives, how to embrace change, how to sustain and replenish our energy, how to manage our time our priorities, and, how to appreciate others. We learn how to “do”, but we do not learn how to “be” or to “live”. Those are all skills you and your employees can learn.

Caroline has a unique ability to bring change and transformation to groups and audiences by using experiential learning, storytelling, practical steps and touching people’s hearts.

Popular topics

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Appreciation & Dignity

Encouraging One Another with Authentic Appreciation

You appreciate your colleagues. But do they feel appreciated? What impact would it have on your sector and your organization if your employees feel valued and appreciated? Did you know that each person has unique preferences for how their manager and their colleagues can communicate their appreciation in a meaningful way? Based on the concept of “The 5 Languages of Appreciation at Work,” this presentation will help you understand how authentic appreciation can facilitate the creation of a positive work environment and enhance employee loyalty and engagement. You will leave this presentation equipped and motivated to make a difference in your team.

Creating a Workplace Culture of Appreciation & Dignity

Caroline combines the workshops of “Appreciation in the Workplace” and “Dignity starts with you” to create a decisive and meaningful moment in your team and organization.

The Power of Appreciation at Work and Home

Statistics show that most people leave a professional or personal relationship citing a lack of appreciation more than any other factor. Dr. Gary Chapman and Dr. Paul White demystify this situation and challenges in their work and their books The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace and The 5 Love Languages. Premier Partner and Certified Facilitator Caroline will give you the tools and inspiration to integrate the power of appreciation to transform your relationships at work and home.

Dignity Starts with You

This workshop aims to help participants understand the meaning and importance of dignity, how it impacts the way we think about ourselves, and how it affects the way we treat one another. Dignity is a simple yet incredibly transformational concept. When a person truly believes in their worth and unique strengths—their dignity—they have the confidence to transcend challenges and find their voice, their sense of purpose and their potential.


The Power to Succeed

Whether you are facing challenging times or focusing on your goals, you all have the power to succeed on both personal and professional levels. Imagine the impact on your business, your team, your family and yourself if your everyday life was based on a combination of proven success principles. You will leave this dynamic and interactive presentation with a stronger sense of commitment and practical tools and concepts you can apply right away to launch yourself towards the success that you seek.

This presentation is customized and utilizes exercises, activities and group experiences, rather than simple lectures, to achieve awareness and personal growth among participants (The length of this workshop can vary between 60 minutes and up to a 3-day retreat).

“When asked to the participants of this workshop [6-hour format] about their experience with Caroline, the answers were all basically the same, it was life-changing and a gift they could use for a lifetime!” Timothy Flynn, President, Winters Home Services (Boston, MA)

Principles to Align Your Best Year!

This session is delivered in a dynamic way to bring people and teams to recognize their power and responsibility in creating their best year ever. Caroline brings practical principles for people to integrate right away. The group and the individuals go through a series of steps: reviewing the past year, clarifying what they want, creating intentions and an action plan sprinkled with success principles that help remove limiting beliefs, surround yourself with positive people, and practice an attitude of gratitude. People and teams feel energized and aligned to create their best year.

Embrace Change Positively

Are you facing challenges in your personal or professional life? Would you like to turn a difficult event into a positive and empowering outcome? This presentation will explore basic tools and keys to success for transforming your life. They include accepting change, viewing changes as challenges, being positive, losing your fear of the unknown and realizing that you can adapt to changes. Learn about these self-improvement techniques that can help you triumph over change and move forward in your life.


The Power to Choose

Do you believe you have the power to choose, no matter how tough some decisions can be? In July 2011, Caroline Rochon came face-to-face with a challenging situation that ultimately made her realize the full extent of her own power to choose. She believes that by owning every choice we make, we can set ourselves free. Her presentation will be filled with concepts and questions to make us ponder, and she will leave no one indifferent to the power we wield in influencing the course of our lives and facing our choices in the future.

Art of Self-Care at Home and at Work (telework)

Are you constantly stressed? Do you give a lot of yourself and are tired and running out of energy? Assist this inspirational and motivational presentation in discovering the meaning of self-care and the five elements to consider in making it happen. You will leave with your personalized action plan with concrete steps you are willing to commit to and with new resources. Let yourself be transformed by Caroline’s practical tools, passion and authenticity!

6 Keys of Success to Transforming your Life

You would like to reach new heights in your personal or professional life, but you don’t know how to get there? Would you love to give a new direction to your life? Are you experiencing dissatisfaction and reévaulating yourself? In the session, Caroline brings the audience through her six keys of success for transforming your life. A personalized action plan is included. Go ahead and dare to transform your life!


Organize your Office, so It Works for You

Is your office environment hindering your productivity and effectiveness? Are you trying to conform to other people’s organizing styles? Do you know which organizing strategies work best for you? Interestingly, most of us were never taught how to organize our office space and put systems in place to support the important work we do. Attend this seminar to learn about organizing styles and discover strategies to help you get there. Taking the time to change your desk, so it works for you can supercharge your productivity and effectiveness!

*Popular session. Caroline has been giving this workshop yearly at Queen’s University.

New Perspective on Time & Priority Management

Despite all our lists and all our electronic gadgets that are supposed to simplify and facilitate our lives, how come so many people have difficulty managing their time? In this dynamic workshop, Caroline shares her new perspective and time and priority management. Managing one’s self more than a list is key. She brings a refreshing point of view, practical tools to help everyone on a path of flow and ease in accomplishing their to-do list.

Use the OLAF Method to Manage your Time & Priority

Do you have notes scribbled all over the place? Do you think you might have forgotten to do something? Do you have trouble falling asleep? Do you feel you’re not getting close to reaching your goals? Do you lack focus? Use the OLAF Method to better manage your daily activities and increase your productivity and efficiency. Attend this seminar to discover the power of clear objectives and learn different list-making styles, strategies to help you maintain focus, and how to build an agenda that works for you.

Declutter your Life to Make Room for your Dreams

In this dynamic presentation, Caroline will share simple tips and practical tools to help you feel free, lighter and more available to obtain the abundance you want. From your physical space to your interpersonal relationships, from your mind to your beliefs, declutter every area of your life and create the right conditions to realize your life’s dreams! Let yourself be transformed by the passion, sense of humour and authenticity of Caroline! You will leave this presentation inspired into action like never before to finally create the space to attract what you want in your life.

Right and Left Brain Hemispheres: How They Work Differently

How the brain processes information differs dramatically from one person to another. People slowly realize how brain hemisphere dominance affects their daily lives both at home and in the workplace. During this informative seminar, you will gain insight into these hemispheric differences and learn how you can utilize this information to improve your working and learning skills, get better organized and have a flexible approach to management and employees who are “different.” It will help you understand how having left and right brain dominant persons in work teams can help your organization achieve more significant results.

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