I would like you to know that I was very impressed with the way you presented the material and that you made the session quite interesting. It’s not often that I learn so much from a presentation. I feel that I now understand myself a little better which was quite an eye opener for me. Also, understanding my co-workers better will also be an asset here at the clinic. This presentation is one that would benefit everyone, if everyone applied this concept what a better place this world would be! The world needs more people like you, people who follow their passion and change lives.

— Ms Swanlund, Ottawa, Ontario

“Caroline is a dynamic, passionate and knowledgeable facilitator/trainer who was able to bring to life the content in a meaningful and fun way. This is a workshop that any manager who want to have a positive impact should put in place for their team.”

— Ben Gray – Manager, Values, Ethics and Workplace Well-being Programs


Caroline has been working with us for the last few years and the magic started right away. Being the co-owner of many businesses that are continuously expanding, Caroline has managed to guide us through our vision and mission. She knows how to adapt to each of the personalities within our businesses and knows how to bring out the best of each of us. She is an outstanding facilitator and an integral part of our businesses. She conducts our strategic meetings brilliantly and knows how to bring us back to our objectives. Her meetings make us move at high speed and allow us to focus on our priorities!

— Carole Rochon, Terracube (no relationship)


Caroline has captured the attention and respect of my teams in various companies through the years. She has the ability to instantly make connections with her audience, leaving them with tangible working tools within a single session. Due to the strong impact she makes, many of our employees have made the commitment to stay in touch with her for years after attending her sessions. Caroline’s infectious passion for life lights up the session and paves the way for attendees to deeply engage with lasting results. When I need concrete results for the time and money invested in these sessions, I call Caroline Rochon!

— Dan Pesko, VP of Sales and Marketing – Exploria Resorts

In her workshop with my sales team of 30 people, Caroline succeeded at capturing the attention of a very difficult, diverse, intelligent and experienced group. The room immediately transformed into a place where positive energy translated into collaboration and openness … and lots of laughs.

The workshop included a great mix of Success Principle materials as well as great individual and group exercises that were energizing and enlightening, while non-threatening to individuals.

The result was extraordinary. The feedback I received from the team was that Caroline took them to places in their hearts, in their heads, at home or at work, places that can be uncomfortable, relieving and rewarding at the same time.

Caroline opens her own heart to the audience. She includes great applications examples, taken from within her own life experiences. Her positive, humble, down-to-earth style is highly effective and makes the material so much more relevant to the attendees when reflecting on their own needs and how to strive towards happiness, as well as personal and professional achievements.

Caroline will come back to meet my team. I am convinced there will be a long-lasting effect on our common quest to drive change, create a productive, positive environment, and ultimately obtain business results by making raving fans of our customers and our suppliers.

— Guy Ragault, General Manager, Florida Area, Arrow Electronics, Inc.

I want to tell you how much I enjoyed your conference last Thursday. Your approach is outstanding, it makes us understand and realize the power of our attitude and behavior, and the impact we have on our lives. With the experiential learning it captures our interest and is a winning approach. A thousand times, thank you.

— Lorraine Tittley, La Cité des affaires (Ottawa, Ontario)

Whether an educational presentation or inspirational keynote, I saw Caroline authentic, professional, related to her public and is especially generous to share her knowledge, life lessons and emotions. Her message is powerful and inspires us to take the helm of our lives! With all my heart, thank you Caroline.

— Francine Provost, Owner, EKIP Training and Consulting (Quebec, Canada)

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– Ron Kaufman
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