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Why choose a coach

When I set out to be in business in 2005, it did not take me long to understand the value of hiring a business coach. I always said that I was an intelligent woman who knows what to do but having a coach, I realized that I reached my goals much faster and, dare to say, with a lot more ease. Over the years, I alternated between different coaches and different coaching styles, depending on either what I was going through in my life or what goals I had set for myself. I feel honoured and privileged to have been coached by some of the best coaches both locally and internationally. What I know for sure is I will always have either a business or a life coach in my life.


  • Management, Leadership and Business Coaching
  • Individual and Employee Coaching
  • Productivity and Efficiency Coaching
  • Team and Mastermind Coaching
  • Wellness Coaching

Coaching sessions are over the phone, via Zoom or in person.
Let us schedule a convenient time to talk. You can share what you are looking to gain, and I will explain my coaching model. We can see our degree of compatibility and decide together on the best course of action.

Caroline Rochon virtually coaching a client

“I absolutely believe that people, unless coached, never reach their maximum capabilities.”

Bob Nardelli, President and CEO of Home Depot

Have you ever taken the time to define what success means to you? Whether you are a parent, a leader, an entrepreneur or a business owner looking to achieving your own personal success, I have experience and techniques to guide you in the process of gaining clarity, attaining inner peace, developing habits, removing limiting beliefs and organizing your goals.


  • More clarity
  • More self-esteem and self-confidence
  • More personal satisfaction
  • More efficiency
  • More peace of mind and heart
  • More personal tools to deal with life
  • More resilient and self-reliant
  • More energy


  • Laser Coaching – Inspired to ActionYou want to be inspired to action with an impromptu appointment with Caroline. This 90-minute coaching session will laser focus on getting you unstuck on an issue or on track to pursue your project, your dream or your well-being. Clarity and wind in your sails, guaranteed!
  • Monthly Coaching – Positive MomentumYou are committed to making a positive impact and difference in your personal or business life, as well as for the ones surrounding you. You want to: build momentum on your projects; have someone to be accountable to and run your ideas with; strategies with; ask you questions that will make you grow and step out of your comfort zone; plant ideas for you to reflect upon; support you in your moments of doubts; and celebrate with your accomplishments. It’s the perfect way to keep you on the right track.
    Two 60-minute sessions per month, with email and call access in between sessions.
  • VIP Coaching Day – Leaps and BoundsNot interested in a month-to-month coaching package, and 90 minutes is just not enough. Imagine that you could stop time to reflect, brainstorm and plan, with no interruptions from 9 am to 5 pm. Caroline will leverage her skills, knowledge, intuition and wisdom as a success coach, professional organizer, business owner and entrepreneur to focus solely on you and your needs. You leave empowered and inspired to action. An exhaustive day that becomes your compass and helps you find your North Star.
be inspired to take action
Are you interested, or are you committed to making things better for yourself? Let me guide you, accompany you, and facilitate that process.
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