Sit & Embrace the Darkness – Breathe & See the Light

One year ago, when my business of training and speaking was in one of its highest peaks, the pandemic hit, and it all came crashing. Over the years, I have experienced many great challenges, and with those pains and struggles also came wisdom. So, when Covid arrived and put everything to a screeching halt, I knew what I had to do: Have the courage to sit and embrace the darkness, breathe, and eventually see the light. And the light did come.

As many experts have said, the pandemic did not bring any new problems; it only emphasized the problems that were already there. You see, when we are so busy doing stuff or blaming others about our misfortune, we ignore, consciously or not, issues that we have. I know this about myself and observe it in my clients and people I know. We prefer to keep busy; and not sit with ourselves and allow to surface the feelings of pain, shame, loneliness, unhappiness, anger, fear, guilt, depression, insecurities, irritation, or boredom. Carl Jung said that what you resist persist and also grows in size. Through my many years of personal development, and not only reading about it but applying it to my own life, I have learned that what you face will dissipate and that you have to feel in order to heal. So, I sat in my cave and cried about my issues and the pain the whole planet was going through. And once I wiped my tears, I knew I had to face my issues that were buried under the busyness of my life.

My finances, my health, my relationships, and my business were all put under the microscope. What’s not working, what is important to me now (because most of us evolve, so things change), what kind of future do I want, what can I do, what is under my control, what do I need to change to become and have all of that. Through that process, clarity came, and the light emerged. Dim light at first, but as I dealt with some of the issues, decluttered many aspects of my life, in time and with focused energy on what I wanted, the light grew stronger and brighter.
I care about how I show up to the world and for the work that I do, and by being selfish enough to take care of myself, I know I have more to give to others and support them in their own journey.

I am now coming out of my cave. I am emerging from the darkness with: a new website for my business, new “virtual” training and speaking skills, financial decisions that emphasize thriving, nurturing relationships based on reciprocity, healthy choices for my mental & physical wellbeing, and a commitment to writing more, celebrate more, laughing more, savour more, dancing more, photographing more, dream more, and permission to want more!

I feel stronger, bolder, more aligned, alive, determined and more excited than ever to live my life to its fullest and, to inspire and empower others to do the same.

I hope you are also finding light in the period we are going through.

With gratitude and love,

Caroline Rochon sitting and embracing the darkness